Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Email Marketing Success Story

Email Marketing Success Story

This customer uses email’s visual appeal to sell fine art


Kim Rody, the Fishartista
List Size:
Open Rate: 41.2%
Website: http://www.fishartista.com

Kim Rody is a fine artist who specializes in large acrylic canvases that feature images of the sea and its creatures. Kim has been a full-time artist since 2000 and she uses email marketing to develop and nurture a specific niche of followers, some of whom she hopes become collectors of her work. In addition to her large canvas paintings, Kim also sells giclée prints and note cards featuring her art.

As Kim explains, selling art is always a challenge, no matter what the economic condition is. “It’s important to nurture relationships with people who are drawn to your work,” Kim says. “Buying art is definitely a ‘splurge’ purchase rather than a necessary one.”

In order to capture those “splurged” dollars, artists like Kim have to stay in front of their audience and remain top of mind. Kim uses an email newsletter to show off her new paintings, to share a calendar of events where her work will be shown, and to post links to her blog content and Facebook page. “If I’m running a special that can be found at the bottom of the email, I also tease it throughout the newsletter,” Kim explains.

Why email? “I'm a visual person, and I build the newsletter around my images, whether they’re paintings or personal pictures,” Kim says. “I let the words and images play off each other.”

Kim encourages customers to refer her newsletter and artwork to friends by adding multiple “Forward to Friend” buttons in each mailing and offering a calendar featuring her art to customers that refer business her way. “It’s a great way to get qualified referrals,” Kim says. “Folks think hard about who they want to refer, and only send my email to friends that will have an interest in what I am doing.”

While she doesn’t track specifically the return on her investment, Kim says that each newsletter she sends out more than pays for an entire year’s subscription to Constant Contact Email Marketing. The newsletter generates sales through the deals she offers, and drives traffic to events where her art work is being shown, which can result in further sales.

The newsletter is also a great conversation starter between Kim and her customers. “My favorite response is when customers tell me they love a specific painting and why they do,” Kim says. “Of course, I also like it when they tell me they want to buy it.”

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Using a couple features of the ConstantContact.com service, we can now help you create interactive web pages using hundreds of pre-formatted templates!!

These pages can be hosted in your ConstantContact.com account or stored at any hosting service, several of which are free. Contact us for details.

Examples include:

You can use a free FREE 60-day Constant Contact account by using this link: www.ConstantContact4Websites.com or calling us at ReykurAssociates Inc. 717-620-9676

Friday, November 6, 2009

Who is using ConstantContact to grow their business?

Thousands of organizations are using Constant Contact to communicate at a fraction of the cost of other media.

Here are examples we have collected:

Flinchy's Restaurant





We can provide all the details with a brief meeting at your office... and it's embarrassingly affordable! FREE 60-day Constant Contact Trial, no risk, no credit card required!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any immediate concerns, comments or questions. Enter your email below to stay up-to-date on the latest tools and strategies we have to offer.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Email Marketing rekindled

Jeff Kurtz and Reykur Associates Inc. has partnered with Constant Contact®, the leading email marketing service for small businesses, to provide you with a full email marketing program. Constant Contact is a proud supporter of National Public Radio and we offer cost effective internet marketing, particularly focused for non-profit organizations.
Here's what we can do for your business:
  • Create a customized email marketing plan
  • Design professional email campaigns that support your brand
  • Write compelling copy for your audience
  • Manage and segment your email list
Email marketing is one of the most powerful and effective tools available to you. Let us put it to work for your business today.

The combination of email marketing, your topical blog and social networking make an unbeatable and affordable marketing effort. We offer trial packages and training, even if you want to be a do-it-yourself'er!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogger Block

Finally getting back in action here to post some updates about clients. My writer's block has lasted months too long!

  • Lendon Gray is starting her clinic year, and fund raising for The Dressage Federation. Her Olympic student Courtney King-Dye is the featured equestrian in Groton, MA May 1-3 as announced with THIS email to her Dressage4kids subscribers.
  • Two of my clients are Senior Helpers franchisees. Tess Bockes in Harrisburg sent her 7th newsletter (including two in November) titled "Stay Warm, Stay Healthy and Dance!" . John Cabrey in Lansdale published his first in late December (view<<<). Both of these clients started with small mailing lists. Tess's list has grown rapidly through her networking, and by including pertinent articles from her business aquaintances! Remarkable (50%+) open rates for both companies!
  • First Choice Rehab is now in their third year as my client. Their December Newsletter (view<<<) follows their consistent format of artciles on health, their physical therapist's activities in the industry, an employee profile, and a patient success story.
Given the economy, email newsletters are becoming a great means of staying in touch with customers and prospects at a fraction of the expense of the postal service.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

re: Facebook

I'm beginning to believe that "being there" is a better bet than missing the exposure. There's probably very little chance of pereferal damage, and if it picks up one or two additional riders per year it's a cheap success. (ever hear the 'client for life' theory? If it's a movie theater at $5 x 3 movies / hear * 60 years ... it adds up. I think that was a Carnegie item)

Let me suggest (and I use this thought frequently) " What would grandpa Fred have said, and would I have thought he was standing in the way of progress"... and, of course, I was right.

So now what do I tell my daughter? I don't want to have grown up to be her Grandpa Fred? ! ;) This was a good thought... I need to post it!

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The ultimate web tool guy!

Mark Wesling is a classical guitar friend of mine from Hershey, PA. Mark performs, teaches and publishes CD collections of his work, many originals. His website takes advantage of many excellent web-based techniques... most of which are FREE !!

Now he's using his blog to show another side of himself and his offerings... poetry?!

Others to check out:
Rose Anderson's Pure Gallery Website, newsletters and blog
Next-Level Automotive's Website and blog <<< href="http://firstchoicerehab.com/">Website and newsletters.
My houseflipping blog
and my PonyClubDad blog.

now to get some work done... Jeff